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Universités canadiennes pour la science judiciaire

Canadian Universities for Forensic Science

An academic group dedicated to connecting scholars in forensic sciences across Canada.


MARCH 19, 2020

CUFFS is very proud to witness student initiatives from its former delegates during this COVID-19 pandemic. We would therefore like to follow in the footsteps of the Université du Québec à Trois-Rivières (UQTR)’s Laboratoire de recherche en criminalistique (LRC) in sharing the measures undertaken by Mylène Falardeau, a graduate of the UQTR’s Bachelor’s in Chemistry (Criminalistics Profile) and currently a Master’s student in Chemistry.

Visit our "COVID-19 Initiatives" section below for all the details!

MARCH 13, 2020

Following the recent developments in the COVID-19 pandemic, we are confirming that we will not host or participate in any conference or networking-type events in upcoming months.

We encourage you to stay updated on the measures recommended by the World Health Organization to reduce the spread of the virus. You can find all the information here:

Stay safe everyone!

About Us

Our purpose is to encourage the exchange of forensic knowledge between professionals from different disciplines and academic institutions. We aim to promote collaboration and interdisciplinary work between forensic researchers from all Canadian provinces, so that we can work together to advance the field of forensic science in Canada.

Our target audience includes undergraduate and graduate students, but also forensic science professionals, scientists and university faculty. Our events therefore offer a networking opportunity for undergraduate and graduate students to connect with relevant scholars from their respective field.

Meet our co-founders:
Meet our co-founders:
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Élisabeth Cuerrier-Richer, M.Sc.


Mélissa Bernard, M.Sc.

About Us

COVID-19 Initiatives

An initiative by Mylène Falardeau: The Sharing of Scientific Knowledge… Stronger than COVID-19

The recent progress in Canada of the COVID-19 virus has forced the government to take many radical actions in order to prevent and limit the spread of the virus, notably school closures and the cessation of all gatherings.

As many of you are aware, the month of March is the month celebrating scientific research at UQTR. Unfortunately, all events have been cancelled: Scientific Poster Contest, 3-Minute Thesis (3MT), and the AGE UQTR Multidisciplinary Colloquium for Graduate Studies.

But this does not stop at the UQTR, many other scientific conferences have also been cancelled, notably the one by the Canadian Society of Forensic Science (CSFS), which was taking place in May 2020.

I therefore invite you to stand up against COVID-19 and make sure that the sharing of scientific knowledge is stronger than this situation by posting here all the beautiful projects that you have made for these events.

You can share your projects the way you want (video, sound recording of your presentation, poster, etc.), what is important is sharing!!!

* Below are projects that have already been received as part of this initiative. To those wishing to share their project(s) through the CUFFS network, please send an email to: *

Charest M, Grenier G, Cadola L, Muehlethaler C, Daoust B. 2020. Les encres de sécurité : Une solution à la contrefaçon (in French only)

Falardeau M, Daoust B, Muehlethaler C. 2020. L'analyse de la dégradation des polymères utilisés pour l'impression 3D d'armes à feu (in French only) - Oral presentation (in French only) on the same topic below

Letendre H, Gautier A, Prévost M-J, Daoust B, Muehlethaler C, Cadola L. 2020. Tatouage : l'encre que l'on s'injecte est-elle toxique ? (in French only)

Séguin K, Falardeau M, Cadola L, Crispino F. 2020. Les traces chimiques relatives aux résidus de tir : État des connaissances existantes (in French only)

2019 Conference

Promoting Collaboration
University of Toronto Mississauga
April 5, 2019

For this first edition, thirty-one abstracts were received, of which twenty-seven were selected for the event. The conference included twelve oral presentations, fifteen poster presentations, three guest speakers and one cross-disciplinary talk demonstrating collaboration between forensic identification and toxicology. The event was supplemented by a Wine & Cheese networking opportunity at the end of the day. Disciplines addressed in presentations were varied, ranging from anthropology to biology and chemistry to psychology.


More than 140 attendees from eight universities spanning the British Columbia, Ontario and Quebec provinces were present at the event. A significant number of delegates were academics, consisting of undergraduate and graduate students, university faculty, alumni and researchers. Professionals and scientists from two provincial police forces and two government laboratories were also in attendance (see below).

Delegate Statuses.png

We would like to thank all the delegates who attended this first edition, all the volunteers who tirelessly helped us out and all the sponsors who supported our initiative. You all contributed to making this conference a huge success! We definitely could not have done it without all of you.

2019 Conference | Conférence 2019
2021 Conference

2021 Conference

* More information coming up soon! *

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